Code Enforcement Corner

Dear New Property Owner,

Welcome to West Manheim Township in York County, Pennsylvania. We wanted to offer you a brief overview of the township in which you are now residing. The township was established in February of 1854 by an Act of Assembly of Pennsylvania. Presently, the township is made up of 19.9 square miles of land. Within the township, we have two water shed areas which are used as public water sources. The township currently has an approximate population of 5,258 residents. West Manheim has 70 miles of road within the township which is maintained by our road crew.

Services within the township:

  • 24 hour police service
  • 24 hour fire (volunteer)
  • 24 hour ambulance (part time volunteer)
  • Public water provider - York Water Company
  • Public sewer - Township
  • Local electric suppliers - Met Ed and Adams Electric
  • Required Trash Collector - Penn Waste
  • Prime Cable provider - Comcast

Township Requirements:

  • Zoning and building permits for all new and altered structures, equipment, and change of any structure or land use
    o Includes: Fences, Driveways, Decks, Sheds, and Pools
    o Also includes: any mechanical, electrical and plumbing work
  • Well Permits
    o All new wells and abandonment of old wells
  • Utility Permits
    o Alterations to public sewer and water
  • Septic Permits
    o On site new or altered septic systems
  • Registration of rental properties within the township
  • Noncommerical keeping of livestock requires zoning permit and approvals

Permit & Inspection Information

Please call (717) 632-0320 24 hours in advance to schedule inspections
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Permits may take up to 2 weeks to process
Permit fees vary depending on the project


Open Burning Regulations

Other Items of Interest

Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act 132

In 2008, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. The law requires that all contractors who perform at least $5,000 worth of home improvements per year register with the Attorney General's Office.

For additional information and to check the registration status of a contractor please visit the Attorney General's websiteat www.attorneygeneral.govor call toll free 1-888-520-6680.