Heritage Committee of West Manheim Township

St. Bartholomew's Church has a long and rich history that has helped it to become what it is today. On May 18, 1844, Frederick and Elizabeth Bachman deeded one acre and two rods of land to the Lutheran and German Reformed congregations that formed St. Bartholomew's Church. Located near the Maryland line, now West Manheim Township, York County, Pennsylvania, the first church building on the land was dedicated in August 1844.


The selective acquisition, preservation and access to artifacts and archives that reflect the heritage within the area defined as West Manheim Township, York County PA. This includes family histories, churches, schools, old deeds, inns, tollhouses, mills, organizations, photo's, artifacts, revolutionary war, civil war, businesses and military service, which have a connection toWest Manheim Township, and to compile this information and update the history of West Manheim Township.


  • Catalog existing information
  • Gather new information
  • Oral history from elders of the community
  • Locate historical sites on a contemporary map of the township
  • Catalog donated photos and other documents
  • Present results of research to thecommunity

If you have information to donate or loan or wish to volunteer, contact:


Harold Coldren at coldren7201@comcast.net

Heritage Committee Meetings

The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 4:00 pm at the West Manheim Township Municipal Building located at 2412 Baltimore Pike Hanover, Pa 17331.