Public Sanitary Sewer Areas 4, 5, 6

The survey crew will initially be working in the area from January through May 2010 and it may be necessary for them to enter your property and other adjoining properties to establish rights-of-way limits and obtain other date (e.g., the first floor elevation of your residence) for the preparation of construction and/or easement drawings.

During the next several months, temporary markers (wooden stakes, iron pins, or steel fence posts) may be placed on your property. These temporary markers may or may not represent the proposed sewer location. Permanent survey points will be placed prior to bidding and rights-of-way negotiations. If any of these markers present any problems, please contact Michael R. Knouse, P.E. in the York office at (717) 846-4805. Please instruct children not to remove or damage any survey points, since their replacement only adds to the cost of the project.

In accordance with the Eminent Domain Code the Township or its representative and prospect bidders have the right to enter upon any lot or improvement to make studies, surveys, soundings or appraisals, upon (10) days written notice. Please remember, no actual sewer construction across private property will occur until an easement has been obtained from each affected property owner.

Every property owner that will receive sewer service, regardless of whether an easement is required, will receive a general information letter before construction begins, which may answer many questions. We request that you refrain from calling the Engineers office regarding cost data until after the first public meeting. If you have non-technical questions, please contact the Township office at (717) 632-0320.

Service Area 4

Oakwood Drive, Fuhrman Mill Road, Panorama Lane, Highview Drive, Hemler Drive, Pheasant Ridge Road, Michelle Way, Rickey Drive, Colonial Drive, Hickory Court, Heritage Drive, Misty Court, Utz Drive, Lee Ann Court, Patwil Place, Harget Drive, Kenlee Circle, Toll Gate Road, Bair Circle, Plesant Hill Road and Baltimore Pike.

(See attached map)

Service Area 5

Shorbs Hill Road, Hillcrest Drive, Sunnyside Drive, Laurence Drive, Skylite Drive, Windy Court, Lisa Wood Court and David Lee Drive.

(See attached map)

Service Area 6

Fairview Drive, Westminster Road, Grand Valley Road, Impounding Dam Road, Diana Court, Casino Court, Casino Drive, Sunset Drive, Vegas Drive, El Vista Drive, and Beck Mill Road.

(See attached map)