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E.C.R.I.N. (Evacuating County Residents In Need)

What is E.C.R.I.N.? E.C.R.I.N. stands for Evacuating County Residents In Need. E.C.R.I.N. is a voluntary, community outreach service to assist emergency responders (Fire Dept., Emergency Medical Services, Police Dept, and Emergency Management) and elected officials in West Manheim Township (and municipalities across York County) in obtaining important information on special needs residents living in their communities.

E.C.R.I.N. also assists residents by ensuring that all emergency response units (Fire, EMS, Police, and EMA) have access to the same information about each person – thus decreasing confusion during an emergency situation. E.C.R.I.N. provides a way for all responders to access the same, standardized information. This standardized information decreases safety risks to both responders and residents in emergency situations.

This system is entirely voluntary. Under state law (Title 35: Health and Safety of Emergency Services Code) municipalities are required to keep information on special needs persons in their area. E.C.R.I.N. provides an organized system to do so. Also, state law requires group living arrangements to provide their own emergency plan. Therefore, E.C.R.I.N. is a resource for residents with special needs who have no reliable source of assistance in the event of an emergency. E.C.R.I.N. can be used for more than just evacuation purposes – the information it provides is also helpful in any emergency situation, such as a fire incident, chemical spill, police incident , severe storm events, and other similar incidents.

West Manheim Township Emergency Services, which includes the Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company, the West Manheim Township Police Dept, and the West Manheim Township Emergency Management Agency, is constantly updating the list of residents that may require assistance in the event of an emergency in the township. If you or any members of your family require special assistance we are asking that you complete the E.C.R.I.N. form and mail or return it to the address listed. Completing this form is voluntary and not mandatory. However, by completing the requested information all emergency responders will be better prepared and informed. All information is considered confidential.

You can complete the online form below:

York County Special Needs Registry