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Emergency Management Agency

West Manheim Township Emergency Management Agency

2412 Baltimore Pike
Hanover, PA 17331

This agency, in existence for over 22 years, may not be as well known as other branches of the township government. This agency has become a vital part of the West Manheim Township Emergency Services Board, which consists of the Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company, the West Manheim Township Police Department, the West Manheim Township Municipal Government, and the West Manheim Township Emergency Management Agency. The mission of this agency and board is to prepare and execute response plans that deal with natural disasters, human-generated disasters and incidents, homeland security, and hazardous materials incidents. The West Manheim Township Board of Supervisors is responsible for the protection and safety of the township residents in the event of a natural or human-caused incident or emergency. West Manheim EMA is the agency that implements and carries out the plan in response to the emergency.

To establish procedures, alert the public, and provide the necessary information and resources, an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) has been developed and is updated on a yearly cycle. Many community businesses, services, and private individuals have agreed to be part of the emergency plan and have also agreed to provide resources and services in the event that they are needed. Snowmobiles, boats, bulldozers, communications equipment; construction equipment, and construction supplies, are just some of the resources that have been used in the past. Please check out the current resource provider list attached.

Though the West Manheim EMA is a branch of the township government, it is staffed by volunteers who feel a need to serve the West Manheim community. The primary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the West Manheim Township Municpal Building, 2412 Baltimore Pike.  This facility is fully equipped to operate as a command center and has been used as such a number of times over the past years. 

Paul Hill was appointed to the position of Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) in May 2022. Ted Clousher is the Deputy Coordinator. The EMA staff includes volunteers from the Pleasant Hill Fire Company, ambulance service (EMS), police department, township government, amateur radio operators (HAM), and fire police.  Mutual aid agreements with Manheim Township, Penn Township, and Union Township (Adams County) have been in place since 1992. These agreements enable townships to share resources and aid each other during a declared disaster. West Manheim EMA also works closely with the South Western School District and the Hanover Chapter of the American Red Cross, and the York-Adams Regional Red Cross. Due to the commitment and hard work of all the volunteers involved with the West Manheim EMA there is a well-developed and comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan. There are many businesses, services, and private citizens, some that do not live or work in West Manheim, that have offered their services, equipment, and materials to West Manheim EMA during times of need. Without the cooperation of the township supervisors, police department, fire department, and resource providers it would be extremely difficult for this agency to respond to and manage the emergency, disaster, or incident that may occur.

  • Emergency Management Coordinator– Paul Hill
  • Deputy Coordinator– Ted Clousher
  • Township Manager– Mike Bowersox
  • Township Supervisors– Jeremy Ault, Harold Hartlaub, Jason Franks, Terry Rynearson, Travis Wetzel
  • Environmental Safety– Abbey Hampton
  • Fire Department– Ted Clousher
  • Public Works– 
  • EMS/Medical-  Ashley Clousher
  • Fire Police– Ed Allison
  • Law Enforcement– Edwin Schneider, Derrick Baker 
  • York Adams Regional Red Cross- Pat Isch
  • Red Cross– Elizabeth Tyler

The West Manheim Emergency Management Agency staff meets the first Wednesday of each month at the West Manheim Township Building located at 2412 Baltimore Pike, Hanover, PA. The meetings begin at 7:00 pm. Any West Manheim Township resident may attend these meetings. Any persons interested in learning more about West Manheim EMA or would like to offer resources, services; vehicles or other materials and equipment please contact the Paul Hill at the Township Municipal Office.

The EMA Duty Vehicle is a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500. This vehicle a multi-use vehicle as it is used as a traffic control vehicle, gear and equipment carrier, emergency response vehicle, and a tow vehicle by the Fire Department, and personnel and equipment carrier, as well as a transport vehicle by the Police Department.

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