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Frequently Asked Questions

At the following District Magistrate:
James S. Miner
MDJ 19-3-05
20 Wayne Avenue
Hanover, PA 17331
Tele# 717-632-0618

No. You must submit a request to the PA State Police. The PA Unified Judicial System website provides web docket sheets as a free public service. The link is Pennsylvania State Police: Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History

Not all police reports can be released and those that can be released require a review and approval process and possibly fees paid in advance.  Contact the police department to request a report before coming to the station.


A Reportable crash is a vehicle collision occurring on public property that results in personal injury or damage to a vehicle that requires towing. These crashes must be reported to the police.This department will respond to a Reportable crash to investigate and submit a report to Penn Dot. We do not need to be notified for Non-Reportable or “fender bender” crashes. We will respond to assist with exchange of driver information if requested, however, we do not investigate or generate a report.

You must contact the Township Receptionist at 717-632-0320 to make application.

We will fingerprint any RESIDENT of West Manheim Township as a public service, free of charge, for employment, adoption, or similar purposes. This is done by Appointment Only and dependent upon personnel availability.

Yes, but only if it meets the legal definition of “Abandoned;” statutorily required time limits and notifications are met, and in accordance with the PA Vehicle Code.

Remember, just because you don’t see the police, doesn’t mean that we aren’t conducting surveillance based on your tip. Additionally, drug investigations are often prolonged in order to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute.

Absolutely. Don’t assume that the police already know about it. Call 911 immediately to report suspicious circumstances or suspected criminal activity. Your call may very well stop a thief, protect valuable property, or prevent an assault.

We provide 24 hour police services, however, officers are normally on patrol and not at the station. Call 911 or our dispatch at 717-854-5571 to have an officer return your call. Do not leave messages on our answering machine for a new incident or any matter that requires immediate attention as it may not be retrieved for an extended period.

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