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Stormwater Assessment Fee

West Manheim Township is participating in the York County Regional Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan (CBPRP) along with approximately 50 other municipalities. The Township joined the York County Stormwater Consortium to meet Chesapeake Bay cleanup, at a cost of $56,000 per year. This regional effort comes at a much lower cost to the Township than if we were to “go it alone.”  In an effort to cover the annual cost of participation in the county plan, the stormwater assessment fee was implemented.   The West Manheim Township Board of Supervisors has approved Ordinance # 2017-03 and amended by Ordinance #2019-05, Stormwater Assessment Fee.  The Township will collect an annual stormwater assessment fee from each property owner within the Township boundaries. The assessment fee will be used towards MS4 requirements such as operation, maintenance, repair,  replacement, improvements and for all other expenses related to the MS4/stormwater mandates. An Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) shall be the unit of measurement to calculate the fee to be imposed by the Ordinance. One ERU shall be defined as 4,500 square feet of  impervious lot coverage. Agricultural parcels and single family residences will be calculated at one ERU. Parcels with more impervious area such as nonresidential or commercial parcels will be charged based on their existing impervious coverage.  An invoice from the Township will be mailed to each property owner at the beginning of the year.  

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